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Sample Swing Song - Cole Slaw
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Rock & Roll, Swing, Lindy Hop, Two Step, Country and more Experience the Joy of Dance
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We believe that with social dances like Swing and Country you have the power to attract infinite health, fun, and make great friends all at the same time. Find your joy, find what makes you happy. Pick from Swing or Country Dance Lessons like Rock and Roll, Charleston, Balboa, Shag, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug Swing to Country Two Step, Polka, Waltz and Western Swing. We have a proven easy and fun method of teaching, perfected over 25 years, that some of us developed by teaching worldwide. Welcome to the family!

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We start you with the basics, you get to social dance and then move into some fun patterns, and have 3 minutes of fun, again and again!



We are located at the American Legion 410 W. Coll Street in Downtown New Braunfels (right across the street from the Sophienburg Museum two blocks from Downtown Social). 

(1 or 3 month special below) 

Start you dance adventure at Swing Junction in New Braunfels Voted #1 - Best Lessons. No partner needed - choose your class - pick one from 6 classes. Details below - Be Happy in 2021! 

Classes are still open.

Reserve your spot for the April 1st Series. Reserve your spot - Sign up today Starting at $37 P/P.  see below.

Dance Lessons Series - Tuesdays and Wednesdays 2020.

Choose from 6 Classes - 3 Sets Of Teachers - 9 Different Dances

Be Happy! Experience the Joy of Dance at Swing Junction in New Braunfels. Learn to Swing and Country Dance. We are rolling out 6 different classes with 3 sets of teachers with over 9 different dance styles for you all with packages starting at $37 a Month or as low as $4.70 a class for the Golden Pass. 

Weekly Classes - Take one or take multiple

Here are some dances you will learn ...

  • Beginning Swing - Rock & Roll

  • Country Polka

  • Country Waltz

  • Two Step

  • Intermediate Adv Lindy Hop 

  • Collegiate Shag

  • Balboa Swing

  • Solo and Partner Charleston

  • Performance Routine Swing Class

Some of these 3 month packages are for 12, 24 or 48 classes.

Yes you can still use up your punch card. Class details below.

CLASS SCHEDULE: New Series Start Soon

Tuesday Swing 3 month Series - Join us today!

Tuesdays from starting April 6th through June 30th

See class levels and dance description at bottom of page
Choose from 4 Classes


6:30 PM Balboa Swing (Month One), Collegiate Shag (Month Two) and Partner Charleston (Month Three) - Level l+ll /Beginner Int - Learn the faster Swing Dances and mix them with your Swing Dancing in this exciting class. Rob & Diane

7:30 PM  Beginning Swing and Rock and Roll - Level l /Beginner - Learn all the basics of swing dancing and how to lead and follow in this class that will kickstart your dancing. Get all the fundamentals and add exciting kicks to your basics. Dwayne & Michelle

7:30 PM  Intermediate Lindy Hop Learn all the essential steps for Lindy Hop and use play steps to break up your dancing. This is where you jump to the next level!


Wednesday Country 3 month Series -Join us today!

Wednesdays from April 1 through June 24th

Choose from 2 Classes*


6:30 PM Intermediate Two Step & Country Swing - Level 2 /Intermediate Move into more advanced patterns and steps to keep yourself and your partner on your toes. Class with Michelle and Eddie

7:30 PM Beginner Two Step - Level l /Beginner Ya’ll get your Two Step on in this class and move into some Country Swing for a great kick start of your dancing to get you dance at our dance halls really soon! Michelle and Eddie

*Classes are progressive building on material taught the week before.


Pricing - Packages Deals - 1 and 3 Month Specials 

Sign up today - Reserve your spot

(Save and pay in 3 small monthly payments)

Choose from Swing and Country Dance Classes (Mix and Match - you pick the classes)

Click on your Package:

One Person/One Class

Two People/One Class

One Person/Two Classes


Two People/Two Classes

One Month Only


One Person/All Classes


General Page for Registration to compare plans:

Sign up today - Reserve your spot

(Save and pay in 3 small monthly payments)


No partner or experience needed. Our dancers are welcoming and friendly and you will feel like part of the dance family within the first week! Stay after class for some practice time at 8:30 pm. Classes are taught by Michelle Schroeder, Dwayne Dietert, Rob & Diane van Haaren,  Matt and Christina Hennigan, Gilbert and Leslie and are progressive building on material taught the week before.

And did you know that Swing Junction was Voted #1 Best Dance Lessons in New Braunfels


    "Every time I come to Swing Junction I love to dance because Rob and Diane have made a great community atmosphere! I feel welcomed and everyone encourages and celebrates each person as individuals. If you have never danced before have no fear Rob and Diane and their teachers are so easy going and wonderful communicators! They have so much knowledge and are always willing to share their tips and tricks.” - Rebecca Strickler

    "Fabulous experience learning from these folks. Professional, patient, and funny!" - Charlene Willfong

    "I knew how to 2 step, but I wanted to learn some spins & other simple moves. I took a class & I feel a lot more comfortable than I would after the one hour free classes at the clubs" David Montplaisir

    "Rob & Diane van Haaren are amazing instructors, new to our area after a long career teaching dance in the Bay Area and overseas. They are SO GOOD, especially with beginners. You’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even realize how quickly you’ve learned!" - Katie Alexander

Feet Tapping, Hand Clapping, Finger Snapping Fun  Dancing is like music to the soul. Let’s Dance!

Special Packages Deals

Sign up today - Reserve your spot

(Save and pay in 3 small monthly payments)


Downtown New Braunfels

Held at Swing Junction at the American Legion 410 W. Coll Street in downtown New Braunfels right across from the Sophienburg Museum


Join our Family

Many times we go out together as a group to some of the local dance halls. Join us in your new adventure! 


Science Confirms

Steps that heal, movements that make us happy! Read the article here

Best Dance Lessons in New Braunfels

Readers Choice Winner 2019 - Best Dance Lessons

Thank you New Braunfels for allowing us to share our passion with you. We look forward to another great year filled with fun, friends and dancing!

Rob & Diane van Haaren

Special Packages Deals

Sign up today - Reserve your spot

(Save and pay in 3 small monthly payments)

Join the #SwingMovement

Empower yourself with tips on dancing, on upcoming Swing Music and Dance Events in New Braunfels, Austin and San Antonio and become part of the #SwingMovement


Never done Swing dancing before?  This is where you start. Each weekly class is designed to be someone’s first while at the same time offering new moves and material.  No experience or partner necessary and you can start whenever you like just turn up!  The Level 1 syllabus covers 12 weeks of material. Once you’ve done your 12 weeks in Level 1 you can repeat it or you can move up to Level 2. Details click here

You’ve been in Level 1 for 3 months or so and now you’re looking to try something a little harder. Here you learn new moves, new rhythms and a whole lot of new variations you can add to the moves you already know. Level 1 was your introduction but here’s where you really see how big the Swing world can get. Details click here.

Here we explore the moves and rhythms of the Lindy Hop further with a greater emphasis on lead and follow techniques, musical appreciation and of course FUN!  The moves will become a little trickier and the speeds will be faster.

Before taking part, students must have attended Level 2 regularly for 6 months or more.  They must display a good understanding of rhythm and pulse, and must be comfortable combining six and 8 count patterns like partner Charleston, Jigs and the Swing Out and must be comfortable with: Texas Tommy, Back Charleston and Hand to Hand Charleston. Details click here

Here an example of what a level 3 would be moving to and what is possible once you get your basics in and have danced for a while. (Some inspiration with Rob & Diane) 

 Specialty Classes 
Two Step, Balboa Swing, Collegiate Shag and Charleston
Specialty Classes

The Country Two Step is one of the dance styles in the group known as the country western dances. The most popular country western dance is probably the two step.  Additionally, in the last decade swing has risen in popularity in country dance clubs and halls with Country Waltz, Polka and Two Step


Swing Shift - Swing Performance Group is a Performance Group class open to all. (We work it Day and Night!). As a group you get to learn a routine. You get to do something together - Practice a fun routine - Learn new steps and repeat them together as a team so you will learn it better and faster as we build our repertoire - Get a chance to perform it for those that would like to (this Performance Group is for all - Be comfortable with your 6 Count Basics) No extra fees - Teachers: Rob & Diane

Get your regular Pass.

Balboa Swing is the swing dance that developed in Southern California in the mid 1930’s and is a smooth version of the shag. It has a smooth feel and is danced close to your partner (Pure
Balboa) and has some break away steps after swing steps were added to the dance in the late 1930’s (Balboa Swing). Great for medium to faster songs and easy to mix into your social dancing. Stay tuned for special classes and workshops.

Triple Shag also known as Collegiate Shag is another Swing dance that developed in the early 1930’s and uses lots of kick steps and is danced close and also breaks away from you partner. It has regained huge popularity around the globe. Just right for that great medium or fast song that is playing next! 

Charleston of course is the high energy, up tempo dance that came out of the mid 1920's at the hight of the the Jazz Age during the Flapper Era. Of course movies like "The Great Gatsby" have brought the dance back into the limelight! There are Charleston Dance-Offs around the world and here we do a Charleston Circle that is fun for all. Also watch for the Charleston Routine our beginning though advanced students perform around town. A great way to bring your party alive and get everybody involved!


 The Great Gatsby 
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