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"Frankies Corner" May 26 - WORLD LINDY HOP DAY


World Lindy Hop Day, a celebration of Frankie Manning and the exuberant African American social dance that originated in Harlem, New York City in the 1920s and 1930s.  Lindy Hop is also known as Jitterbug or Swing Dancing and is a two-person dance where partners dance hand in hand to the jazz music. The dance supports people from all different backgrounds to enjoy and share the many benefits of this happy and enduring dance. Frankie Manning's birthday on May 26th, 1914, is a fitting marker for World Lindy Hop Day, as he is one of the prime innovators of the Lindy Hop and one of the most influential persons in Swing Dance history. Since the 1980s, special events have been held across the globe in celebration of Frankie, and his influence on people, the music and the dance has sparked a resurgence in Swing Dancing world wide.

Frankie Manning Banner.jpg

THE SAVOY BALLROOM - "Home of Happy FeetBirthplace of the Lindy Hop


The Rich History of Swing Dancing -FRANK MANNING 

Let's start with one of the most influential figures in the world of Swing Dancing and a true American dance called the Lindy Hop, the grand daddy of all styles of Swing Dancing, and the man who helped develop and spread the dance around the world from it's origins: Dancer, Choreographer , Superstar and most admired and loved ambassador of the dance ....... Frankie Manning

We celebrate his birthday and legacy on May 26 with "World Lindy Hop Day"


Frankie Birthday.jpeg

Words can not even describe this man. Many would call him a star, a legendary Lindy Hopper, Ambassador of the Lindy Hop, a teacher, a great story teller who had you sitting on the edge of your seat, a role model, a humble man, an inclusive person who would put his friends first. Frankie knew how to have a good time. Life is a party and you are invited. To many dancers around the world he was a personal friend. He was a father figure or an inspirational uncle you always wanted. He has touched so many lives with his teachings that carried way beyond the dance. His actions and outlook and approach on life were things you just want to emulate.

Here in Herrang Sweden with Chazz Young and on the next picture with Norma and Chazz at the plaque placed at where the Savoy Ballroom in NYC used to be. 

The Ultimate Lindy Hop Routine in Movies - The Holy Grail - "Hellzapoppin' "


Lindy Hop always was a social dance first, but limits were pushed and tempo's increased and gravity was challenged in the dance by Dancer and Choreographer Frankie Manning. He was part of one of the most celebrated performance group "Whitey's Lindy Hoppers" who toured and introduced the dance to the world. The performance style Lindy Hop appeared in "Hellzapoppin'" in 1941 and was recently colorized. It shows how the dance evolved onto stage in this breathtaking piece. Of course they had to dress like servants but could not be ignored. The dance spread to all cultures and countries across the world especially when GI's shared the dance throughout the world. Here today in many forms and danced to all different styles of music the dance has come back in it's original form across the world since the early 1990's especially as a social dance! Just search for Lindy Hop on Youtube and you will find a smorgesbrot of inspirational videos. Now here enjoy the lead in and performance by Whitey's Lindy Hoppers in 1941 with Frankie Manning dancing with Ann Johnson. 

We hope you get a kick out of this!

Today ....... in a video from Camp Hollywood where couples from around the world competed:


We feel privileged that Diane and I had the desire and talent to search, seek out, and learn directly with the original masters of the dances from Balboa, Shag, traditional Boogie Boogie or Vernacular Jazz, Tap and Lindy Hop from New York to Los Angeles, so we can share and pass their knowledge on to you. This was during the 1980's and 90's, at a time when not many were interested but at a time where they were still in their mature prime to share and teach. A journey that allowed us to become family and work and dance side to side with them. We are thankful for all the years we were able to spend together. It inspired us to create our own events from International Dance Festivals, starting in 1993, learn from and be inspired by the rich American dance culture and get a chance to meet these inspirational stars in person. Many reached a healthy age well into their 90's, yes even with eating fried chicken! It is an inclusive family where every visit and and dance started and ended with a hug! Welcoming and inclusive - like Frankie used to say:

Life is a party and you are invited ....



Jean Veloz

From " Groovie Movie"


Norma Miller

From " Hellzapoppin'"


Fayard Nicholas

From "Stormy Weather"


Wynton Marsalis

Lincoln Jazz Orchestra


Maxie Dorf

From Start Cheering


Frankie Manning

From "Hellzapoppin'"

Hal Takier

From "Maharaja"

Frankie and Diane Center.jpeg

Frankie Manning

From "Hellzapoppin'"

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