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Your Dance Experience with our Teachers

Your Hosts - Rob and Diane van Haaren 

We are glad you have a chance to visit us. We are excited to meet you at our next event, class or dance because we can't wait to share our passion for the music and dancing, and especially the fun with you! 


Classes are offered in Swing Dancing from East Coast Swing, Rock & Roll, Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Balboa Swing, Lindy Hop, Line Dancing, Country Two Step, Country Swing and traditional Boogie Woogie. Make yourself familiar with the schedule and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 


Dancing Casually at Krauses Cafe after Classes (on cement not ideal)
Here dancing on a Tuesday after class we (all 20 of us) went to Krause's Cafe for some Jazz with The Dirty River Dixie Band and Rob and Diane danced to one of their favorite songs and ended up having a Charleston circle for all. Come take a Beginner or Intermediate Swing lesson on Tuesday www.swingjunction.org and let's dance around town! (Bring some corn meal for easing the dancing on cement) #Swingmovement #NewBraunfels 

Rob & Diane van Haaren
Teaching and Swingin' Out with Frankie Manning  
Hop on Over

About Rob & Diane:

Rob & Diane are known as trendsetters and have been instrumental in the resurgence of Swing in the US and abroad. They have been dancing since 1984 and 1995 consecutively and were invited and have professionally taught over 200.000 thousand people in over 20 countries worldwide from Europe to Russia, South Africa and Korea to Australia and New Zealand and in the US. They introduced Balboa, Vernacular Jazz originally called Boogie Woogie, Collegiate Shag and helped reintroduced the Lindy Hop in many of these places.

Their work includes TV appearances with Wynton Marsalis and Frankie Manning "Swingin' with Duke" and were invited by Lavay and the Red Hot Skillet Lickers to perform at a presidential function where they got to meet the President of the USA. In Las Vegas with Norma Miller they performed in the same show with The Treniers. They worked with the "Swing Cats Rhythm Revue" performance team and were asked to come and choreograph for colleges like Stanford University. Rob taught on staff at Riverside University in 1990-1991. They organized international Swing Festivals and events from the Santa Barbara International Swing Dance Festivals in the Early 1990's to the Indian Summer Swing Camp in the Early 2000's with teachers and special guest like the Rhythm Hot Shots from Sweden, Ryan Francois from London, Fayard Nicholas of the famous Nicholas Brothers, Norma Miller the Queen of Swing and of course the master himself Frankie Manning, the innovator and the man who influenced, developed and spread the Lindy Hop around the world from its early development to the the resurgence of Swing Dancing starting in the early 1980's. They introduced and taught with other movie dance stars like Jean Veloz (Swing Fever, Groovie Movie) and Gil Brady (Don't Knock the Rock) and by doing so brought them out of "retirement". In the late 1990's they hosted the Rhythm Hot Shots tour in San Francisco "What is this thing called Swing" in which Diane performed and toured the US. Rob and Diane have worked side by side with the masters of the Swing Era from LA to New York and learned their technics and became close like family. Their popularity is based on their contagious enthusiasm, easy and fun approach on teaching beginners and improving dancers and skillfully pass on the material they have personally learned from the original masters of the Swing Era with an ice breaking joke and smile.

Hop on over and experience the joy of dance with Rob and Diane and their teachers (Yeah you can keep your feet on the ground :-)

See expanded info and pictures on Rob and Diane click here


We are so proud of our talented team of teacher and did we tell you they are wonderful people too?

Michelle Schroeder 
Jeron Tuell
Joe & Tabitha
Mike and Jen
Matt and Christina
Gilbert & Leslie
Rob & Diane
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