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Make your party come 


Hire us for your wedding, or your private, office, corporate or educational event or perhaps for a school workshop. 

You want a Swing Band along with the dancing? Let's get your event going.

We bring interaction, energetic music, excitement and entertainment as people will participate or watch the party unfold. Perhaps the guest take a fun informal Swing or Charleston lesson. Perhaps you want us to do a performance at you Gatsby party, have the guest do a Charleston Circle or have the wedding party or the bride and groom prepared with a series of Swing Dance lessons and need a band.

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Make your Party come Alive

We also love to work with the community at schools and churches. The popularity with the youth makes it a right fit. Just check out the youth after a one hour lesson at Hope Church in San Antonio.

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Rob and Diane

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Our popularity is based on our our extensive knowledge of the Swing Era dances and their history and the ability to combine it with fun and entertaining instruction to get people going. We did many of the Silicon Valley corporate parties in the Bay Area in the late 1990's and in early 2000 and traveled the world extensively teaching hundreds of thousands of people in over 20 countries. Our teachers have the highest standards in personality, knowledge and ability to communicate. 


Our passion is contagious and we know how to get the party going. We can teach large groups or work one on one. If you are familiar with the Annual Veterans Dinner Dance with the Sentimental Journey Orchestra in San Marcos TX, we teach up to 200 attendees every year of the 600-1000 that show up for this local extravaganza.

Working with Community

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