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Readers Choice Winner 2019-2021 - Best Dance Lessons

Thank you New Braunfels for allowing us to share our passion with you. We look forward to another great year filled with fun, friends and dancing!

Rob & Diane and Michelle

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"We build on making people happy and healthy with things

that are real, that reconnect us, and that matter”  - Rob & Diane



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410 W. Coll Street - New Braunfels

6:30 PM - Intermediate Two Step 

7:30 PM - Beginning Two Step /Beginner

8:30 PM - Social Dancing Practice to Recorded Music

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NEW BRAUNFELS - Class Schedule 2021 - 2022


Wednesday Country 3 month Series -Join us today!

See class levels and dance description at bottom of page

Choose from 2 Classes*



6:30 PM Intermediate Two Step

You got the basics and you want to move on to some more complicated variations and paterns with Michelle and Eddie

7:30 PM Beginner Two Step - Level l /Beginner Ya’ll get your Two Step on in this class for a great kick start of your dancing. Be out at a dance hall strutting your stuff only after a few classes. Bring a partner or come by yourself. Michelle and Eddie

8:30 PM -9 PM  Social Practice Dance to Recorded Music

*Classes are progressive building on material taught the week before. 

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Sign up today Starting at $37 P/P.  see below.

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Country and Western Wednesdays 
The Country Two Step is one of the dance styles in the group known as the country western dances. The most popular country western dance is probably the Two Step.  Additionally, in the last decade swing has risen in popularity in country dance clubs and halls. Country Two Step, Polka, Waltz and Swing lessons are offered every Wednesday

Swing Tuesdays and Country Two Step Wednesdays

Learn to Dance in a Day (see below)


• Join us for one month or 3 months (for packages click here)

• Meet with friends and make new ones

• Enjoy the socializing and laughter as we stop "Social Prohibition"

• Come by yourself or with a partner

• We will not require masks, but you are welcome if you want to wear one

• Use a flexible punch card

• Dance to the music you enjoy so much

Back to having fun!

Welcome to our dance  family.

Rob and Diane

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We are located at the American Legion 410 W. Coll Street in Downtown New Braunfels (right across the street from the Sophienburg Museum two blocks from Downtown Social). We call it the Swing Junction Country Shack!

New Braunfels (1 or 3 month special below) 

Start you dance adventure at Swing Junction in New Braunfels Voted #1 - Best Lessons. Bring a partner or come by yourself - choose your class - pick one from 4 classes. You receive a punch card you can use for Country and Swing Classes.

Classes are open

Reserve your spot - Package Specials

Sign up today Starting at $37 P/P. 


Pricing - Packages Deals - 1 and 3 Month Specials 

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Choose from Swing and Country Dance Classes (Mix and Match - you pick the classes)

Click on your Package:

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One Person/Two Classes


Two People/Two Classes

One Month Only


One Person/All Classes


General Page for Registration to compare plans:

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(Save and pay in 3 small monthly payments)


Downtown New Braunfels

Held at Swing Junction at the American Legion 410 W. Coll Street in downtown New Braunfels right across from the Sophienburg Museum


Swing and Two Step Saturday Dec 4th 2021

Learn to SWING & TWO STEP in a DAY. A fun dance in a day workshop for beginners and a chance to learn or perfect your basics with Rob & Diane and Michelle. 


More details - Online Registration Special

All Day Only $35 p/p ($45 at the door).

Youth and Military $25 p/p ($35 at the door)

Sign up today - Reserve your spot

Click here - Details at this link

or get tickets here.


Ken Burns special - Country Music

Did you see the Country Music special by Ken Burns? It is a wonderful series with some great insides on the rich history by all of the greats! Click on the link here for all the episodes on the PBS website

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Beginners Lessons - Workshops and Events in New Braunfels 
Good times are here again!



SWING JUNCTION is located at  the American Legion 410 W. Coll Street Downtown New Braunfels across the street from the Sophienburg Museum. 


Wednesday Class Location

SWING JUNCTION - New Braunfels  @American Legion


Wednesday Country Lessons

Intermediate Lessons start 6:30 PM

Beginner Lesson at 7:30 PM

American Legion Post 179

410 W. Coll Street New Braunfels
(right across from the Sophienburg Museum)

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