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Thank You

Thank you all for my birthday wishes. Life is has treated me very well. Born in South Africa, growing up in Holland and after service in the Dutch Military and a career in mens fashion - at age 24 - I knew I had to pursue my dreams by leaving my family, job and friends by coming to America. I found more then I imagined!

Originally as a very shy, least popular, heavily stuttering kid I overcame many challenges with a positive outlook. I wanted to make others happy and nobody else ever to feel the way I felt growing up. I now was looking to help others and bring some joy to their lives.

My road brought me into the World of Swing in 1984 and it allowed me to grow as a person and pursuit my dreams. In my journey to share the joy I was sometimes called pollyanna or even arrogant, but I stayed true to my heart. The beginning years were a struggle, but I always believed that one day, this would be big!

When I was finally ready I found the love of my life Diane, who accepted my shortcoming, believed in me and could laugh at my silly jokes. She gave me balance, an amazing friend and gave us two beautiful kids. Our inspiring adventures together took us to build multiple Swing Communities and allowed us to teach in over 20 countries for over 30 years, sharing our passion for Swing, its culture and its history.

Now after 40 years of Lindy Hop and being part of the resurgence of the great Swing culture, we are creating a wonderful dance family in New Braunfels and San Antonio Texas with Swing and Country Dancing (Texas has a real dance culture with amazing Dance Halls)

We brushed shoulders with amazing people like you along the way. We are privileged to call you our family! Beautiful memories are made and are still here to be made. Thank you for being in our lives!

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