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AUG 19 - Lindy Hop - Swing Dance Workshop  with Tyler & Jeanlyn 

Get inspired in this fun workshop with Tyler and Jeanlyn. You might have seen them dancing during one of the events. And did you know they are getting married soon! Congrats to a humble, sweet and talented couple!!!!! Come and learn with them as they will become part of our staff at Swing Junction - Let's Dance!

• Learn Charleston Kicks

• Fun 8 Count Partner Steps

• Break Away Steps

• And much more

Have a ball with the variety of steps you will learn in this essential Lindy Hop workshop Saturday August 19th from 9am-12pm at the American Legion in New Braunfels TX. Reserve your spot and register in advance for the $37 discounted workshop price. ($45 at the door).

See a snippet with Tyler and Jeanlyn in action right here:

Lindy Hop Workshop-1.jpg
  • Bring a Partner or Rotate In
  • Be Comfortable  with your 6 Count Swing Basics and Moving Around 
  • Sign Up Now and Save
  • Limited Space

Sign Up Today
Reserve your spot
$37 per person

Location - New Braunfels

The Workshop is held at The American Legion Post 179, 410 W. Coll Street, New Braunfels right across from the Sophienburg Museum in Downtown New Braunfels.

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