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RE-SCHEDULED - Lindy Hop Workshop with Rob & Diane

Learn the Rhythm Turn - The Rollout - The Double Slide - The Jewel Twist - Turns and More with Rob & Diane in this exciting Dean Collins and Jewel McGowan inspired Lindy Hop workshop. (Some refer to this as "Hollywood Style"). Be very comfortable with your 6 Count Basics.


Location American Legion, 410 W. Coll Street New Braunfels TX

Cost: $45 p/person Military $40 ($50 and $45 at the door)

• Connect Better to your Partner

• Fun Styling Tips for Leads and Followers

• Use Counter Balance to be more Creative

• Plenty of Fun New Steps

• Make your Steps Connect Smoothly

• Practice Time with Tips from Rob & Diane

Location: American Legion 410 W. Coll Street in New Braunfels

Check out these fun video's: Second one is "GROOVIE MOVIE" with same styling.



Reviews from last Workshop

1) Rob and Diane make learning to dance a blast!!! - Melinda Wilson Lyda

2) Fabulous experience learning from these folks.  Professional, patient, and funny! - Charlene Willfong

Dancers in the movie are Dean Collins and Jewel McGowen in the movie Buck Privates (Andrew Sisters singing in the back)

Reserve your Spot
Price $45 ($50 at the door) 
Youth/Military $40 ($45 at the door) 
Registration is open:

"Groovie Movie" Comedy Short on Swing with Jean Veloz

About Rob & Diane's Personal Experiences

Rob and Diane have a broad understanding of the dances from Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Balboa, Dean Collins Style Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie (Vernacular Jazz) and Traditional Lindy Hop. Teachers, producers and performers Rob and Diane have taught over 200.000 people in over 20 counties for over 3 decades worldwide with a sense of fun, ease of teaching and a smile. They learned and worked with the Masters of the 1930’s from the East to the West Coast. The"Dean Collins"style Lindy Hop was the first style Rob learned in the Early 1980’s with Jonathan and Sylvia in Santa Barbara California (who were personal students of Dean Collins). Rob spend many Sundays with the original Los Angeles Swing Dancer (Masters) and got lots of personal tips on men's and ladies styling but most of it, he got a feel for the social part of the dance. In the late 1980's he was one of the only young dancers seriously interested in the original Swing forms and wanting to share it with the world. They all wanted to take him under their wings: Ann and John Mills, Jean Veloz, Irene Thomas, Venna Archer, Freda Wycoff, Natelie Gomez, Mary Collins (Dean Collins wife), Hal and Marge Takier, Maxie Dorf, Bart Bartola and others would say “Don't do it like him (or her), do it like this". This way he learned steps in many different ways. It was an amazing exciting time as it was a direct connection to the Swing Era and the original Swing Dances and styles, learned directly from the masters at the Lions Den!

Rob and Diane both had a chance to dance and teach with them and are here to pass it on to you! It is not danced to impress the judges or other competitors. It is here for you to enjoy; connect with the music, the floor and your partner, taking some of the great Dean Collins and Jewel McGowan's styling. 

See you in the movies! :-)

Rob was fortunate to meet Jean Veloz in the 80's dancing in Los Angeles and ended up teaching with her in the late 90's. He introduced her to Marcus Koch in Germany after which she started to come out to inspire a new generation of dancers in Europe. Here is Jean, with her distinct style, teaching with Rob at the Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden in 2016.  She appeared in many movies in the 1940's including the comedy short "Groovie Movie" (here in picture at age 92)


Diane is dancing with John Mills the husband of Anne Mills, one of the elite original Balboa and Swing Dancers (here on the right in the back of the picture) Johnny Mills, an amazing Swing and Tap dancer, showed Rob a break step in Swing. Rob named it after John and Rob and Diane have been teaching it around the world and it is now known as "Johnnies Drop"

Reserve your Spot
Price $45 ($50 at the door) 
Youth/Military $40 ($45 at the door) 
Registration is open:

Workshop Location
AMERICAN LEGION 410 W. Coll Street in New Braunfels

Herald Zeitung Readers Choice Voted Best of New Braunfels 2019 - 2022 - 2023 Best Dance Lessons. Thank you New Braunfels for allowing us to share our passion with you. We look forward to another great year filled with fun, dancing and great friends!

Rob & Diane van Haaren

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