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Get ready for Wurstfest - Workshop and Classes 

Weekly Polka Classes Oct 4-11-18-25, 2023

Get ready for Wurstfest - Weekly Polka Classes in October will be offered at Swing Junction Let's Dance at 451 River Bend Dr in New Braunfels  Wednesdays at 6:30pm Oct 4-11-18-25. Sign up for a monthly Punch Card here

Wurstfest Waltz & Polka-Workshop - Oct 21 


We did not have enough registrations for the workshop

Polka & Waltz Workshop Oct 21

Learn the Fun Dances for the November Wurstfest Festival in New Braunfels. Beginners workshop and a brush up for all levels. Classes offered on Saturday Oct. 21 at the American Legion in New Braunfels by Swing Junction in New Braunfels.

12:30-1:50 PM - Waltz for all

Smoothly get your partner to waltz across the floor while holding your beer. Oops not sure about the last part!

2:00-3:20 PM - Polka for all

Move around with a partner to some fun traditional music. 

Location: American Legion

410 W. Coll Street New Braunfels

Sign Up Today
Price $37 p/person ($45 at the door) 
Youth/Military $32 ($40 at the door) 
Limited Space - Register here:

  • Bring a Partner or Rotate In
  • No Experience Needed
  • Sign Up Now and Save
  • Limited Space
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